advaita: ‘Advaita’, which means non-duality or unparalleled recognition leading to liberation, is a SWARNI Foundation initiative, to propose unparalleled Reforms in the High School Education System. 

Vision: To keep the High School Education Curriculum useful and more relevant to the demands of the current and future Work Life and to enable an individual with the required tool kit as per his aspirations. 

advaita” – A SWARNI Foundation initiative, is an attempt for schools to re-examine and re-orient their philosophy of education, pedagogy as well as their curricula to promote high quality education which could be useful and relevant to the individual’s career progress and to shape the Students’ perspectives. SWARNI Foundation understands and believes that High School Education has a tremendous role to play in grooming future business leaders in tune with the requirements thrown up by changes in the context. SWARNI Foundation has researched extensively and has documented the skills that the students would require to learn during the schooling, and that would enable them to be more successful in the path chosen according to their aspirations and dreams. SWARNI Foundation has researched rigorously and has come up with a well-cataloged three-dimensional breakthrough: PIE-Model, in which PIE stands for each of the following dimensions:

1. Personal Orientation
2. Interpersonal Orientation and 
3. Execution Orientation

Under three-dimensional PIE-model, each dimension suggests a few skills or attitudes or habits to develop.

1.      Personal Orientation:
a.  IQ,EQ,SQ & AQ 
(Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and Adversity Quotient)
b.      Understanding and Building Vision
c.       Drive to follow the Dream/Passion
d.      Intentionality
e.       Entrepreneurial Mindset and Global Mindset
f.        Learn Reality
g.       Human Values
h.      Passion for Adventure and Risk taking
i.        Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
j.        Communication (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Expression & Etiquettes)
k.      Reliance, Focus and Commitment
l.        Confidence and Optimism
m.    Literature and Philosophy
n.      Hobbies
o.      Clarity of Thought and Continuous learning
p.      Maintain Personal Space
q.      Money Management

2.      Interpersonal Orientation:
a.       People management
b.      Diversity Management
c.       Influencing People and Systems
d.      Emotional awareness of People
e.       Emotional Expression
f.        Negotiation Skills
g.       Constructive discontent
h.      Trust Radius

3.      Execution Orientation:
a.       Opportunity Sensing
b.      Problem-Solving
c.       Entrepreneurship
d.      Creativity
e.       Intuition
f.        Prioritization
g.       Performance Focus
h.      Willing to Research
i.        Tolerance of Ambiguity
j.        Conflict management skills
k.      Fervor to contribute
l.        Innovation Management
m.    Ability to Analyze and Synthesize
n.      Thinking on your feet
o.      Impact/Result Oriented Approach
p.      Flexibility

The Paper documents on the necessity of all these skills for High School students and on the need to design and develop the High school curriculum that it inculcates all these skills into the High School students. 

Let’s make the 21st Century the Indian Century.

Advaita - Unparalleled Reforms in High School Education


  1. Amazing... MindBlowing.. Unbelievable..

    Maamaa.. You are really Solid Rockstar ra..

    I will give my 100% possible support on your vision if you need.

    1. Thanks a lot for the encouragement Vamsi.
      SWARNI needs your Support all the time!!!

  2. Good start Karthi.. Keep going!! You re the champ!!! :)

  3. What an amazing idea you got Karthik...its truly superb ra..I am feeling proud about having a friend like you....I like it so much ra...may be in future i will work for your mision ...keep going...surely 21st century is ours(INDIANS)......I LOVE INDIA

  4. Hello Karthik...I am not sure whether I met you in your college days... I know your friend Vamsi who was one of my nice buddy during Vysya hostel during his intermediate days.... Not sure whether you are also part of the family in hostel....however you are something special....would like to part of your mission n vision...will catch up with you in sometime....however all the very best and keep