Social Entrepreneurship - A Calling

Social Entrepreneurship - A Calling 

"Social Entrepreneurship - A Calling" is a Program conducted at various Engineering, Degree  and MBA colleges, to inculcate the Entrepreneurial Mindset into the Graduates. This Program will prepare them to be Entrepreneurial in their Education, Work and Everyday Life.

Being Entrepreneurial helps a Student foster Creativity, Innovation, Research, Analysis and Critical Thinking Skills while practising time, risk, project and people management independently.
This Program also encourages the students to come up with ideas to organise Entrepreneurship Learning Communities in their own College Environment.
This is conducted at PES College of Engineering, Bangalore
Entrepreneurship Program for a Student is not necessarily to make money but to develop Skills, Competencies and Attitude. It prepares a student to be self-reliant.
                                                                             This was conducted at Shree Sai Institute of Technology, Vadiyampet.
When Life is spent in what it Loves and what it trusts in, Success is sure to follow. My Love to educate and inspire my People in the way I trust, ensures my Life spent for a purpose. :)
                                                                               This was conducted at an MBA College in Anantapur
 This was a small attempt to inspire the youth (MBA Students) to be Entrepreneurial.

A Session conducted for MBA Students at Sri Krishnadevaraya University.
Give yourself enough courage, Focus, Energy and you will effect change if you believe it, are authentic, persistent and live it. Learn to see that beautiful dimension. We want you all to be visionary, Creative, innovative, adaptable, problem-solver, persuasive, inspirational, confident, determined, motivated, a self-believer, competitive, ambitious, a risk taker, networker, understanding the society, taker of opportunities, researcher, enquirer, a planner, an independent decision-maker. We want you anything and everything of this.

Students operating as change-agents around the globe helping marginalized people, to learn new skills, become empowered, and move toward self-reliance, in their quest toward a higher quality of life.

I want you people to support me, to support the cause and to support your true-self.

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