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YouPP: Youpp (Pronunciation – ‘Yuppie’, which means “A young upwardly mobile professional individual; a well-paid middle-class professional who works in a city and has a luxurious life style”) is an acronym for ‘Young Professionals Program’.

Vision: To see every undergraduate in towns and villages possess all the skill set required to follow their chosen career as per their aspirations, by the time they graduate successfully. 

YouPP – Young Professionals Program is a stimulating and brain-storming workshop that transforms the college graduates to Corporate-ready Young Professionals. The Program provides the well researched awareness on post graduation options to enable students make educated choices for their bright careers and on more relevant skill set required for the success in the chosen path; brings various skill-accomplishment courses to their access at easily affordable prices and instills the much needed motivation required for the day-to-day drive for their aspirations. This program would play a tremendous role in crafting each individual into a future professional in tune with the requirements thrown up by the corporate industry.

Duration: 16 Hours Approx.

Target Audience: All the engineering graduates of final and pre-final year

Program Structure: SWARNI Foundation has conducted many sessions such as “Entrepreneurship – A Calling”, “Nurture Dreams” etc for Engineering and non-engineering graduates and for MBA students, during which has interacted with various students, understood the students’ background, level of awareness on their careers and their skill-set; and researched on the solutions that would solve all the challenges encountered by the students from various backgrounds; and has come up with the Program “YouPP” with the following 5 sessions.

1.   MapQuest: Provides an opportunity to students to ascertain their capabilities. This session provides the awareness on various career options available after graduation and evaluates aspirations of the students. Post evaluation, the Mentor discusses various most-reliable and workable strategies, tips and tricks to excel in the chosen career path. It also throws light on various skills to possess.

2.   Skill-Booster: This session provides in-depth knowledge on the focus areas such as Quantitative Skills, Verbal Skills, Reasoning skills etc. This session discusses the concepts, throws new challenges, provides tips and tricks; and enables students to master in each of these areas. A number of books on concept discussion and practice exercises will be provided to each student in the form of a soft copy. This session would have its focus majorly on tips in Quantitative skills and learning strategies for verbal skills in the areas such as Vocabulary Development, Basic Grammar and some exceptions in it, writing skills, speaking skills, accent development etc.

3.    Virtuoso: This is to consummate the students’ preparation. This session deals with the tips for resume building, succeeding in Group Discussions and Interviews. This section also provides insights on current recruitment process, exampling the latest trends in the recruitment test designs etc. Also provides information on how, where and when to apply for a job, providing the samples of resumes, covering letters etc.

4.     Crafting: This section deals with the Profile building. It provides ideas on building your profile to make yourself more selective to the corporate industry, developing some hobbies, and practicing certain personality traits to be more professional. This also deals with the personality development sessions on attitude development, Professional etiquette s, email etiquettes, telephone etiquette s along with some discussion on the need for developing current affairs and business awareness, irrespective of career chosen.

5.    Reflection: This is more on moral grounds. Anything that is received from the society has to be given back to the society at some point in life and in any better way possible. This prepares students to teach and inspire the people around them by guiding them how to accomplish the skills these students did and making the society thus more professional. One who motivates others in turn becomes more motivated. 

Our additional Offerings:

1  College Aid: SWARNI Foundation is pleased to sponsor 15% of the earnings to the college Principal as an aid to the college development.

2   Young Leaders Scholarship: In addition to that, SWARNI Foundation also distributes 20% of the earnings as scholarships to the well deserved students based on the criteria below.

            Criteria for Scholarship: Each student willing to apply for a Scholarship has to submit an essay to the following questions in about 300 words each.
a     When did you demonstrate leadership qualities and how did you use your education to derive practical solutions to the social challenges in the society? (300 words)
b    Do you really need a financial aid? (200 words)

Based on the responses to the essays, the scholarship is given to a student who made the best use of his education to derive practical solutions to the challenges his society had faced and the one who is really in need of financial aid.

Note: This is a merit scholarship. But academic percentages alone are not considered as Merit.
            Only the students who participate for the YouPP Program are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

3   Free Material: All the study material for Quantitative skills, Verbal Skills, Vocabulary development, Grammar, Accent development, Resume Building tips, Interview preparation, Communication skills, Professional Etiquettes etc would be provided for free of cost, as a soft copy.

4   Book Mania: As an additional bonus, each student will be provided access to around 3000 books (pdf’s) on topics ranging from preparing Atom Bomb to preparing chicken Pizza, from Nuclear science to Neuro-Physics, from Novels to Science Fiction, Biographies and creative writing etc.

The balance of the earnings goes towards the operational costs incurred to organize the event and to the SWARNI Foundation for sponsoring new initiatives for the Human betterment.

We can make this World a better Place to Live in. I believe and I want you all to believe in.

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